Going Manages Your Facebook Events from Your Mac’s Menu bar, Syncs with iCal


OS X: Whether you like it or not, Facebook events are an inevitable part of life. If you want to keep track of your events more easily, Going provides a simple solution. It’s an app that lives in your menu bar, allows you to respond and track events, notifies you when events are coming up, and can even push straight to your calendar.

Using Going is very simple. When you open it up, you just log into Facebook and you’re done. You’ll see your events pop up in a few seconds. If you just want to manage them more easily you don’t have to do anything else, but Going offers a few more options in its preferences. From there you can turn notifications on or off, and they’ll work with whatever you’ve got. If you’re running Lion, they’ll go to Growl. If you’re running Mountain Lion, they’ll appear in Notification Center. Additionally, you can automatically push your RSVP’d events to any of your iCal calendars. This is great if you’re an iCal user or if you just use iCal to sync events via another supported calendar service. All in all, the app is very simple but it provides all the features you’d need to make Facebook events easy to manage on your desktop.


Going ($1) | iTunes App Store




iCloud Adds Reminders and Notes, Improves Mail and Find My iPhone

icloud - iCloud Adds Reminders and Notes, Improves Mail and Find My iPhone


iCloud got a small update last night, adding two new webapps—Notes and Reminders—and improving others, including Mail and Find My iPhone.

Notes and Reminders look just like their Mountain Lion and iPad counterparts, syncing your data to the cloud and then down to your iPhones, iPads, or other devices. The Mail webapp now includes VIP mail, just like in iOS 6, and has a slightly different interface. Find My iPhone added “Lost Mode,” an iOS 6 feature that will send a number to your phone so the person that found it can easily contact you. Just head over to iCloud.com to check out the new changes.


New iCloud website with Notes, Reminders and Mail, Find my iPhone improvements comes out of beta | 9to5Mac



Apple OS X Mountain Lion sells 3 million copies in 4 days


AP) Apple says Mac users downloaded 3 million copies of Mountain Lion, its latest operating system, in the first four days it was available.



That makes it the fastest launch of an Apple operating system ever, the company says. It released Mountain Lion Wednesday.


Apple charges $20 for the software. That pays for downloads for all of a buyer’s personal computers.


Apple also provides the OS for free to buyers who bought a Mac on or after June 11.


Mountain Lion brings features from the iPhone and iPad to the Mac. The enhancements include tight integration with Apple’s online storage service, iCloud, and a “Notification Center” that shows incoming mail, calendar reminders and other events.


source: apple