Public Cloudee beta blows in with desktop uploader, new web interface, iPhone 5 optimization

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Boxee already has its fingers in quite a few video streaming pies, and now the company has launched theCloudee service into public beta to let your store and share your own movies. The iPhone or iPod app allows clips to be uploaded and shared with a select group of pals, while permitting commenting and liking in a similar fashion to Google+. The company has also introduced desktop uploading software for Windows or Mac computers, along with a website so your can manage videos “with more than just your thumbs.” In addition, the app is now optimized for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, and lets you share footage with contacts and publish using Facebook or Twitter. All videos are now private by default and users will enjoy unlimited space to stock videos until Cloudee emerges from beta — at which point, Boxee may require an upgrade to its premium service to add additional content. So, if you’re interested in crossing the video sharing bridge while avoiding the trolls, check the source to see how to sign up.


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Facebook Expands Free Antivirus Offerings

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Facebook has expanded its antivirus program to allow users to proactively request help if they suspect their account has been compromised.

Facebook already monitors its site and identifies users when it suspects that content on their account might be malware, but with more than 900 million users, the social network can’t be everywhere at once. As a result, Facebook announced last night that users who suspect that malware has been installed on their device can run a check, for free, via software from Microsoft or McAfee.

“Previously, if you suspected you may have malware installed on your device, you would either need to run anti-virus on your device or wait until Facebook identified an actionable threat,” Facebook said in a note on its Security Page. “Now, with our new self-enrollment malware checkpoint, you will be able to proactively obtain your choice of a free anti-virus product to scan and clean your system.”

Facebook is offering access to McAfee’s Scan and Repair or Microsoft’s Security Essentials. When you click on either of those links, Facebook will ask you to re-enter your password for security purposes. A message will then appear that says: “If you think someone may have used your Facebook account without your permission, secure your account to get help. If you know your account is secure, click ‘Cancel.'”

If you opt to secure your account, Facebook will install the Microsoft or McAfee software in order to clean up your machine.

“We hope that by making our technology available to more users, on demand, will help all the people who use our service keep their data and devices secure,” Facebook said.

In April, Facebook teamed up with several leading antivirus firms to launch an Antivirus Marketplace, which allows users to download a six-month free trial of the companies’ software. The marketplace is currently offering products from McAfee, Norton, Microsoft, Sophos, and Trend Micro.


How to Get Rid of Facebook Timeline, Bring Back a Simpler Profile View

Facebook’s new Timeline feature is rolling out to all users, and while we think it’s pretty awesome—not to mention ripe for customization—there are a lot of people who aren’t big fans. If you don’t really like the Timeline view, here’s how to get rid of it.

This method won’t take you back to the old layout, but it will get rid of some of Timeline’s clutter, like the cover photo, friends box, and two-column view. The layout will still be different and timeline-y, but it will be much cleaner. It won’t change anything about how other people see your profile—just how you view Facebook on your machine. All you need is an extension called Social Fixer. Here’s what you need to do.

How to Get Rid of Facebook Timeline, Bring Back a Simpler Profile View

  1. Head to and install the extension for your browser. It’s available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and any browser that supports Greasemonkey. Sadly, Internet Explorer is not supported.
  2. Once you’ve installed it, navigate to You’ll notice that there’s a lot of extra clutter there right off the bat, but don’t worry, we’ll fix that in a moment. Look up at the top of the page, to the left of your name. You should see a new wrench icon. Click on that and choose “Social Fixer Options”.
  3. How to Get Rid of Facebook Timeline, Bring Back a Simpler Profile ViewBefore you do anything else, go through each of the categories and uncheck every box. There are a lot of useful features in there, but for now, we’re going to leave them all blank so we can view Facebook as we’re more used to it. If you see features you like, you can go back and re-enable them later on. For now, uncheck everything you see.
  4. Go to the “Timeline” section of Social Fixer’s options, and check the bottom four boxes: “Display posts in a single column”, “Hide cover photos”, “Hide the friends box”, and “Hide maps of check-ins”. Click Save.
  5. How to Get Rid of Facebook Timeline, Bring Back a Simpler Profile ViewFind a Facebook profile that has timeline enabled (whether it’s your own or someone else’s). You should find that while the basics of Timeline are still intact (like the “About” link or the new square profile picture), all the annoying parts are gone. The cover photo, friends box, maps box, and dual-column view have all been obliterated, and you can view Facebook in a much more eye-friendly format.

Again, remember that other people will still view your profile as the original Timeline view—so you can still add a cover photo for their viewing pleasure, if you wish. I also recommend browsing through Social Fixer’s options when you get a chance. There are some pretty cool features in there, like changing the font sizes, hiding the “ticker”, and more. If you want to uninstall Social Fixer and take Facebook back to the way it was, you can do so from your browser’s add-on page (Firefox > Add-Ons in Firefox, and Wrench icon > Tools > Extensions in Chrome).

Avira Teams with for Facebook Security

Privacy and security concerns come with the territory when you use a social network like Facebook. Avira is partnering with to deliver protection that extends beyond traditional malware, and helps defend your personal information and reputation as well.

Avira and announced at CES 2012 in Las Vegas that they are joining forces to deliver broader, more comprehensive security for users. The Avira Internet Security 2012 bundle will include Facebook security services from

Avira logoAvira is partnering with to add Facebook protection to its security suite.Security awareness and tools are still playing catch up with the evolving threat posed by social networking. Christian Sigl, founder of, explains, “Today, basically everybody protects their PC with antivirus software. With the use of social networks and extensive online sharing, a new type of vulnerability has evolved, in fact the violability of your own and your children‘s personal data, privacy and identity.”

Facebook provides plenty of security and privacy controls – in fact, possibly too many for average users. It can be confusing to understand all of the ways your data and personal information are shared and exposed across Facebook, and to implement the security controls to lock your information down. is part of a new wave of security tools, like BitDefender Safego, aimed at protecting you on social network. Assuming it lives up to the claims, the services could be a valuable addition for Facebook users.

The addition of the services to the Avira Internet Security 2012 product promises to simplify the process. provides advice and recommended actions to help users navigate and configure the Facebook security settings. monitors the designated Facebook profile, and its network of connected Facebook profiles to detect and identify any scams, or posts that might be a threat to your privacy. It also uses facial recognition to scan Facebook and locate any photos of you — whether they’re tagged or not — to give you control over your reputation and how you’re portrayed on the social network.

Aside from the aspects, the Avira Internet Security 2012 suite also includes the standard array of antimalware and PC security tools. It offers comprehensive protection including antimalware, personal firewall, rootkit detection, parental controls, and more.

Customers that purchase the Avira Internet Security 2012 suite will also get 12 months of premium access to the full feature set of, and the Facebook protection it provides. The Avira and product bundle is available today for $59.99 (US) and $64.27 (Canada). Consumers can purchase and download the bundle at: