How to Keep your Kids from Exiting an iOS App

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If you’re like me, you probably hand your iPhone or iPad to your toddler from time to time. Maybe it’s a specific app, a video, or the photos app.  Either way, it’s pretty frustrating to launch something for them only to have them immediately exit it by pressing the home button – or worse, tapping an ad banner.

In iOS 6, there is a solution for this: Guided Access.

In short, you can configure (among other things) the following measures to prevent exiting an app via home button or ads. You can even lock down intra-app functionality. An example might be the “Done” button in the Videos app to prevent exiting a parent-selected movie or show.

Let’s look at setting up Guided Access with a real app example.

First, launch the Settings app and go to “General.”

Screenshot 2012.12.08 15.41.29

Choose “Accessibility.”

Screenshot 2012.12.08 15.41.53

Within Guided Access, slide the slider to “On.”

Screenshot 2012.12.08 15.43.30

Tap “Set Passcode.”…

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