A Surface to Get Excited About

Tappy's Flaming Soufflé

I haven’t been excited about consumer technology for a while. Of course, when I ordered a new computer, I was excited to get it. When I ordered an Xbox, I couldn’t wait to get playing. When Apple announced their iPhone 5, I wanted to see what they had done. But the last time I had a real excitement about a product from its announcement to getting it in my hands was probably Windows Phone 7. I watched the announcement. I saw the handsets. I researched prices. I chose my product. I reserved my favourite. I waited. And when I got it, I loved it. That is my cycle of excitement. But that was two years ago, Windows Phone 8 is out soon and even that isn’t that exciting for me because it’s not too dissimilar to WP7. To get excited about technology, I want a proper change, something new, something…

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