Magellan unveils RoadMate GPS units with auto-replies to calls, earns fellow drivers’ gratitude

Magellan unveils RoadMate GPS navigators with autoreplies to calls, earns gratitude from other drivers


Phone use while driving is still a serious problem in the US, even for those trying to quit — which makes us happy to see Magellan doing its part to change travellers’ habits. Out of five new RoadMate GPS units the company is releasing to the world, the Bluetooth-equipped, 4.3-inch 2255T-LMB and 5-inch 5265T-LMB models both carry a Safe Texting mode that can reply to any inbound voice call with a text, supplying either the arrival time or the promise of a call later on. All five of the navigators support a portrait view for more details of the road ahead, and the top two 5-inch devices support Magellan’s $150Back-Up Camera for delicate parking jobs. We’ll have to wait until September before the RoadMates arrive, but the sub-$200 prices will be a relief to other drivers who want at least a few more eyes on the road.




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