Tep Wireless unveils European-wide hotspot rental service for $5-a-day, 1GB of data included

Tep Wireless unveils Europeanwide hotspot rental service for $5aday, 1GB of data included

Hardcore jetsetters should still be turning to Xcom Global, iPhone Trip or a local mobile shop upon arrival, but those who won’t be burning up the megabytes now have yet another alternative when traversing European lands. The outfit best known for keeping those traveling to the UK connected is now branching out a bit, enabling a single rental hotspot to provide mobile data access across 38 countries in the EU. You’ll pay $5 per day for the privilege, but here’s the kicker: only 1GB of data is included, regardless of how long you stay. If you chew through that allotment, you’ll have to pay $55 for an extra 1.4GB or $95 for another 4GB. Granted, that’s significantly less than what AT&T and Verizonwould charge, even if you sign up for their discounted global plans. (For those curious, the same pools would run between $180 and $250.) It ain’t ideal for those working on the go, but if you’re just looking to tear through a Foursquare Bucket List while Eurotripping… well, you can place your order today in the source link below.

sourceTep Wireless


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