Chromium OS gets ported to Raspberry Pi

DNP Chromium OS gets ported to Raspberry Pi


Hexxeh has already proven his love for Chromium OS and the Raspberry Pi, obviously the next step was for the hacker to combine his passions into one project. Thus was born Chromium OS for the tiny ARM-powered computer from the UK. The initial commit of the port was officially approved by the Chromium team, meaning that anyone lucky enough to get their mitts on the board can download the code themselves. Of course, there’s a long road to hoe before we see a stable version — if we ever see such a thing. Right now the OS does little more than boot up, but if the embedded version of Chromium can be made to function without issue it could make browsing the web on the Broadcom SOC-sporting PC much less painful. Then again, performance is a big question mark. Seeing how much the 700MHz ARM11 chip struggled with the Midori browser, we wouldn’t hold our breath for miracles. Then again, the underlying system is far less demanding than a full fledged Linux distro with a desktop. Hit up the source link to download Chromium OS for the Raspberry Pi yourself.




4 comments on “Chromium OS gets ported to Raspberry Pi

  1. Although I have Chrome OS on USB, I always get in trouble with Chrome browser like a jinx. If Chrome is the only OS for Raspberry, my plan to buy Raspberry is also in trouble.
    Btw, that’s a lot of likes you gave me Giri. I’m very grateful.

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