Google’s Project Glass: Explained

google project glass

Google is well known for its ability to stay at the forefront of technological development. It has long been rumored that the company was working on creating a pair of reality glasses. Well, it would seem that this reality is now fact, as Google recently unveiled their Project Glass augmented reality glasses. These particular projects came from Google X – the secret lab division of the company that works on long range projects.

The prototype glasses revealed by Google look quite futuristic. They wrap around the face and rest just above the eye. They also feature a clear display. Using small pads, the glasses sit on the bridge of your nose. This integrates the glasses right over your vision. While only one model was revealed, according to developers, there are approximately a dozen different models of the glasses. One particular model was designed to be placed over a person’s normal eyeglasses.

Not surprisingly, the reality glasses have functions that coordinate with and embed certain Google services. The glasses work much like the apps do on android phones. The glasses respond to voice commands, can be used for video chat, and can check in at certain locations and display maps. The glasses can overlay different information on the wearer’s vision. This would include information like weather, maps, reminders and text messages. All of these features integrate with Google+ services. If you’re walking with the glasses on and want to take a photograph, this can be accomplished easily by pressing a button on the glasses.

When the rumour for these glasses began, it was mainly in regards to the concept itself. However, it seems now that the glasses are a reality. According to reports, the glasses should be available for sale by the later part of this year. With their capabilities, they will definitely give smartphones a run for their money in regards to the other features they provide.

source:  from tech and project


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