Chrome Overtakes Internet Explorer, Now Worlds Most Used Browser

OMG! Chrome!Google Chrome has overtaken Internet Explorer as the worlds most used web browser.

Whilst the browser has only just edged passed the dominant blue ‘e’ last week based on stats from web firm StatCounter, it is the first time that Chrome has achieved the feat.

Chrome most popular browser - for now


During week 20 of 2012 – 14th – 20th of May – Chrome secured itself 32.76% of marketshare, ahead of Internet Explorer’s 31.94%.

Firefox, once seen as Microsoft’s browser rival, continues its slide down the chart, losing 4% of its users over the same time last year.

Chrome On

It remains to be seen if Chrome can maintain its lead for the rest of May in light of Microsoft’s marketing blitz for Internet Explorer 9. So far this looks possible: Chrome is less than 0.24% behind IE for the month of May.

Regardless of how May plays out in whole one thing is now certain: Chrome will be the worlds most used browser, the question is simply whether it gets there this month or next.




2 comments on “Chrome Overtakes Internet Explorer, Now Worlds Most Used Browser

  1. Every time I’ve tried Firefox it crashes my system. Didn’t matter whether it was Windows 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000, or 95. Crash, crash, crash. Doesn’t surprise me that they are losing customers.

    On the other hand, I don’t know anyone who is using Chrome. Maybe all the Apple people?

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